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Urban Street is dedicated to street fiction, also known as urban fiction, this genre expose the reader to the gritty realities of street life in urban America.



Hello everyone, I would like to properly introduce you to Rayn (Rain) a talented author out of Dallas, TX. She's making her debut with "Treacherous"  an invigorating and relatable urban short story in which you'll find the characters, like the author's writing style to be candid and fearless. She's also working on her next masterpiece and first novel "Bad Karma" a chilling story about the life a bad boy and what happens when Karma takes over.  On this site you can read excerpts from these books and learn a little about the author.  Feel free to take a journey in the existence of this aspiring author's mind. Enjoy!

Check out Rayn's interview with Streetfiction at  www.streetfiction.org/rayn/


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This story takes you inside the grimy streets of the DDD where betrayal , and deception dwells!!! Tabreen, a sexy young woman with a free spirit who has been battling an abusive and corrupted relationship with (Marcus) the most known dealer on the block. She falls for his enemy (Razmo) who seemed to have stepped right out of her most wanted desires which forces her to make a decision that could change her life for the better...or will it be the worst decision she's ever made?  


Whether good, bad, right or wrong... someone

will pay the cost of betrayal!


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